Release: sm_skinchooser

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Release: sm_skinchooser

Postby Andi67 » Mon 15. Aug 2011, 11:52

sm_skinchooser_admingroup (1 = enabled(default) , 0 = disabled)
Adds the possebility to use the Groupsystem.
sm_skinchooser_SkinBots (1 = enabled , 0 = disabled), forces Bots to have a skin,set this to "0" if you don´t want bots having a skin!!!
sm_skinchooser_displaytimer (1 = enabled , 0 = disabled), makes it possible to display the menu a little bit
later not directly by choosing a team
sm_skinchooser_menustarttime (default is 5.0 means menu will pop up 5 seconds after joining a Team , only works if sm_skinchooser_displaytimer is set to 1 !!!)
sm_skinchooser_autodisplay (1 = enabled(default) , 0 = disabled ) let´s the menu popup on teamjoin
sm_skinchooser_adminonly(1 = enabled , 0 = disabled(default) )
With this Cvar you can enable the Menu only for Admins means only Admins will get the menu and can use the "!models" command if enabled.
sm_skinchooser_playerspawntimer (1 = enabled , 0 = disabled(default) )
This is only usefull if you have problems with the player_spawn Event , it enables the SetModel one second later on player_spawn (I made this because Resistance and Liberations seems to make some Probs without Timer.)
sm_skinchooser_forceplayerskin (1 = enabled , 0 = disabled )
With this cvar in combinition with sm_skinchooser_playerspawntimer you can give players automaticly a skin without choosing one from the menu.
Notice!!! If you don´t want to use this option set the cvar to "0" in cfg!!!
sm_skinchooser_commandcountsenabled (1 = enabled , 0 = disabled ) Enables the CommandCounter.
sm_skinchooser_commandcounts ex. 3 How many times users should be able to use the !models command in a single round
sm_skinchooser_closemenutimer "30" seconds after Menu is closed.
sm_skinchooser_skinadmin (1 = enabled , 0 = disabled ) usage like skinbots and forceplayerskin.
With this cvar in combinition with sm_skinchooser_playerspawntimer you can give admins automaticly a skin without choosing one from the menu.

Sm_skinchooser creates a config-file on first start in "cfg/sourcemod(sm_skinchooser.cfg/sm_skinchooser_hl2dm.cfg for HL2-Version)" , make your adjustments there.
Skins.ini , skinchooser_downloads.ini ect. are now moved to "addons/sourcemod/configs/sm_skinchooser(sm_skinchooser_hl2dm for HL2-Version)".
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Re: Release: sm_skinchooser

Postby nguyenbaodanh » Wed 23. Dec 2015, 09:19

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Release sm_skinchooser

Postby Ronalder » Sun 14. Aug 2016, 11:03

I refuse.

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Release sm_skinchooser

Postby ankaFuS » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 11:16

Hoe ging de pre-release bij iedereen?

Ik had 3 gewonnen, 2 verloren, wat mij 10e maakte van de 23. nr.7 had ook al 9 punten maar ik had de hoogste weerstand .

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Re: Release: sm_skinchooser

Postby TheFatDaddy » Thu 25. Apr 2019, 07:19

I see that it has been a while since anyone posted in here and I hope you are still around. I love your sm_skinchooser plugin and am using on my css server. I also run an adaptive bot plugin so the bots will grow with wins and player count. The limit for bots right now is 36. Forcing random skins on the bots is working but I would like to add one piece and I am unsure how - I want to be able to assign specific skins to specific bots. ie I have a bot named Neo and I want to assign the Neo skin.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

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